Known as ‘Memo-phishing’ on the Stellar Network where a scammer sends random addresses a malicious memo

This story begins at the 2nd week of February, 2020.

I was in the midst of getting back into Stellar after a long year of frequent inactivity. While trying to re-work on an earlier project that had a scam alert section, I was noticing a higher than usual amount of threads being posted on r/Stellar over the past few months into the new year.

They were all about ‘memo-phishing’ transactions, and unfortunately some people falling victim to the scams. For after 2 years of being here, I have constantly seen these types of threads being posted on r/Stellar.

To this…

🚨ALERT🚨: If you have a Ledger hardware wallet, or ever used the website to put your email there then you may be exposed. Go to to see if your email is being targeted by scammers.

DISCLAIMER: I have given every effort to provide information that is accurate. However, I give no assurance and take no responsibility for matters arising from changed circumstances or other information or material which may affect the accuracy of this posting. If there is something you know that goes against the information provided below, please contact me ASAP.


Scammer’s bot — an automatic…

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